Token Launch


Our goal is to raise a maximum of $10 billion USD and a minimum of $6 million USD. We also have a mid cap of $100 million USD. Some of the numbers may change with ETH/USD exchange rates and volatility, but the following numbers are estimates as of September 14, 2021.
Maximum financing: 3,139,185 ETH - this may change with exchange rates. • Minimum financing: 1883.51 ETH.
Exchange rate: 1 ETH = Starting with 3,200 Zool Pay (ZOY) -this may change with ETH exchange rates and time of token purchase. Sooner the better.
Token contract address: TBD (Published through various channels 48hrs before crowdsale launch date).
Launch date and time: 8AM UST September 24, 2021
Token launch time-frame: 60 days of pre sale and 300 days of ICO.
Token launch completion: Token launch will end when either the maximum number of ETH are raised or time duration is over.
If less than the minimum ETH are raised, ETH can be retrieved by holders of ZOY.

Token Distribution

• Zool: 30% of max; for the development of the team, global offices, next level of innovation, and products services to stay competitive with bigger players.
• Public sale: 70% of max;

Budget Allocation

• ZOY Team: 60% of budget development of the existing technology and future technologies.
• Administration: 10% of budget. Consists of ZOY legal, security, accounting and other associated administration costs.
• Marketing: 5% of budget. Marketing will focus on expanding awareness. This includes the growth and maintenance of the world-wide community.
• Vendors: 15% of budget. These funds will be directed at third-party providers offering engineering, marketing, growth-hacking, PR, partnerships, affiliate programs and more.
• Contingency: 10% of budget This is a set-aside for unforseen costs.
All the above budget is for Zool Company which is 5% of the total funds raised. 10% of the funds will be invested into other ventures and startups. Balance money will be set aside to fund advertiser's campaign and provide financing across the globe.