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About the Founder - Manoj Mahto

A visionary and Engineering Grad from Top University in India with All India Rank of 59 at entrance and 14 years of experience.
Serial Entrepreneur and Investor, Founder of Mahto Holdings LLP, Zool Group and Mahto Corporation.
Featured on various prestigious sites and National Business TV Channels for Best Ad Network in India. Here is the parent organization site www.mahtogroup.com
Chief designer and creator of 6 feet bipedal artificial intelligence based humanoid for Kuwait based investors drones for London based investors. Keen enthusiast of electric flights and electric cars development.
Started to research on Robotics in 2010 and published several paper on IEEE Singapore. Researched on MR Fluids and Damper systems and won multiple awards also represented in Germany.
Also, worked on Space Real Satellite Project at university level without credits. It was launched. Here's the link https://www.isro.gov.in/Spacecraft/srmsat-1​

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